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Reaching a financial settlement is always a cause of considerable concern to anybody contemplating divorce proceedings.

We have a great deal of experience in negotiating satisfactory property settlements after a divorce for our clients. We are accustomed to dealing with clients with complex financial affairs, including businesses, trusts and family debt arrangements.

Our main concern is to ensure that robust negotiations are carried out and that the proceedings are not unduly drawn out. If you have children, their welfare will be a very important consideration in the property settlement.

Property Settlement Agreements

The first step to a fair settlement is to ensure we have a clear and accurate picture of the assets of each partner. This process is called disclosure. Both partners must make a full and frank disclosure of their financial position before negotiations can start. Once we have all the details of the assets and agreed upon their values, we can then open negotiations to reach a settlement.

Most cases are settled by negotiation between the couple and their lawyers. It is normal, however, to issue an application to court to resolve a financial dispute so that use can be made of the court procedure. Sometimes this is necessary to force the issue of disclosure or to establish a reasonable time frame for the process.

Only a very few cases are actually resolved by a final hearing in front of a judge.

Logan Lawyers Providing Professional Legal Services

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