Mediation & Conflict Resolution

Mediation & Conflict Resolution

Mediation helps people settle disputes, without going to court. Mediation can save you time, legal fees, and court costs.

Mediation increases the control the parties have over the resolution. Each party is directly involved in negotiating its own agreement to settle the dispute. You do not have a judge imposing a settlement if you can settle it in mediation.

Types of disputes we mediate

  • Neighbourhood disputes involving fences, noise, children, pets and overhanging trees, etc
  • Family and intergenerational disputes
  • Workplace disputes
  • Commercial disputes
  • Employment disputes
  • Disputes over Wills & Estates

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Our Mediators

Our Mediators have National Accreditation with the Dispute Resolution Branch. Our Mediators are impartial – meaning they don’t take sides. Mediation is also privileged—i.e. nothing you say during mediation can be used in court or shared with anyone else.

Our mediators don’t give advice or pass judgment. The mediator will guide you through a structured process, create an environment where all parties have a chance to speak and be heard. The mediator will keep the discussion moving smoothly so both parties, can be heard and hopefully come to a resolution.

Our mediators desire you to resolve your issue so you can move on with your life.

What is the Mediation Process?

As mediation is a voluntary process we will need to have both parties agree to mediation.

If both parties agree to attend mediation, our mediator will do an intake interview with each party individually.

If the intake interviews are successful we will organize a time and place for the mediation as soon as possible.

The Mediation is carried out in the time and place agreed to. At Madsen Law, we have rooms available for private mediation.

An outcome is hopefully reached (The result of an outcome is up to the parties involved as the mediator is impartial and cannot provide advice or bias).

If an agreement is reached by both parties this can be formalized in a verbal agreement or a written and signed agreement, if desired.

For more information please call our office on 3209 7744 or email mail@MadsenLaw.com.au and one of our friendly staff members will be able to assist.