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Family disputes are difficult, for all family members involved. We understand how important it is to take the time and listen to what you have to say to understand the full situation. Is in our best interest to find the best solution for you and fight for the outcome you wish for.

At Madsen Law in Browns Plains, our clients are our top priority! Therefore, it is our mission to find a strategy that works best for your individual interest and we do everything we can to achieve the best possible outcome. 

Our expert team of family lawyers in Brown Plains are well versed in all marriage and divorce cases, child custody relations and any financial issues or settlement you may be involved in. 

Madsen Law’s Head David, and the rest of the family law Browns Plains team, are able to assist you in these sensitive situations and with the utmost care and understandable caution. 

We also sympathise with potential difficulty relating to legal accessibility and Madsen Law is passionate about giving everyone an equal playing feild. 

Our Browns Plains family law services are not only affordable but also strive to resolve your matter as quickly as possible so you can move on.

Get in touch with your local Browns Plains family lawyers today and let us help you through this.

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Logan Lawyers Providing Professional Legal Services
Logan Lawyers Providing Professional Legal Services
Logan Lawyers Providing Professional Legal Services

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